UFB allocates the student activities fund during Annual Budgeting and Supplemental Budgeting. UFB allocates the majority of this fund during Annual Budgeting, which occurs once in the spring. The remaining portion of the fund is allocated during Supplemental Budgeting. 

Note: Groups that provide insufficient information (forget to upload quotes, do not explain significant budget increases), submit late budgets, or fail to meet with their representative may not receive funding during annual budgeting.

UFB allocates the majority of its funding during Annual Budgeting. Supplemental is reserved for expenses that cannot be planned in advance (i.e. you haven't decided which speaker is coming) or for which prices cannot be accurately predicted (i.e. transportation). Funding is much more limited in supplemental, so large requests must be made during Annual Budgeting. Please read these instructions carefully to make sure you can get the funding you need!

Where to Start

As the spring semester gets underway, UFB will send an email to any financial signatory whose name appears on BearSync reminding them about Annual Budgeting. Our email will contain essential information about the process and critical deadlines.

Making a Budget

1. Check last year's budget. The first thing to do when making an annual budget is to view your group's annual budget for the current year on OrgSync.com (also known as "BearSync"). UFB typically limits groups to a 20% increase from the previous year, so viewing your current annual budget will give you an idea of how much money you are eligible for, in addition to showing you what the final product should look like. If your request exceeds 120% of the amount allocated the previous year, we ask that you write an explanation to justify the increase.

2. Verify that everything fits our policies. After deciding what events you would like to request money for, check to make sure that your requests fall within UFB's Policies

3. Create the budgets. Create two budgets - a "Fall Annual Budget" and a "Spring Annual Budget" - and upload quotes for every individual line item. For each event, we require a thorough and detailed breakdown of all of the individual costs. Quotes are simply screenshots of each item online in order for UFB to be able to verify the prices. Links to websites with the quotes are not sufficient. Label each quote to match the title of the line item in the budget. Learn how to create a budget here.

4. Meet with your representative. Meet with your UFB representative before you submit the budget to receive feedback or advice. It is mandatory for all groups to meet with their representative before submitting their annual budget. During Annual Budgeting deliberations, your representative will be responsible for explaining your budget to the board and advocating for you, so it is important that they fully understand it!

5. Create or update your inventory (if applicable). If your are requesting any capital improvements (anything that will be kept for several years), make sure an updated inventory is uploaded to the "Files" section of your group's BearSync page. Here is a standard inventory sheet (groups often adapt slightly to meet their needs). No capital improvements will be approved without this.

6. Explain unused funds (if applicable). If you did not use a substantial portion of your annual budget allocated by UFB and plan on requesting the same amount, we ask you to write an explanation to justify the continued need for this funding. 

7. Submit the budget. UFB will evaluate your request and make a decision in the beginning of April. If we don't fund one or more items, will write a comment on the budget explaining why. 

8. Use the money! If the request is approved, go to the SAO office to collect your funds (email Donna Hustler at donna_hustler@brown.edu to check in first, then go into the office, which is on the second floor of Faunce during business hours). You can either make the purchases, keep the receipts, and get reimbursed, or use the SAO credit card to make purchases directly through SAO.

9. Appeal (if necessary). The rest of the UFB meetings of the semester will serve both as Supplemental Budgeting meetings and Annual Budgeting appeals. During appeals, any group may contest UFB's decision and request that we re-evaluate. Decision for appeals will be made by midnight on the day of the appeal. 

What about Baseline?

Baseline funding is money - $200 per semester - that can be used for anything, including things that do not fit into UFB's policies (Group t-shirts, food at events etc.). All Category II groups automatically get baseline. Additionally, all groups that submit an Annual Budget also automatically get baseline funding. However, if you are a Category III or Category S group and you are not submitting an annual budget, you must tell your UFB representative that you would like baseline. If you fail to do so, baseline will not be granted.

Still have questions? Every Category III student group is assigned a UFB Representative. Find out who to reach out to here