CCB Policies

As a one-semester pilot program during the Fall 2019 semester, all years of the Class Coordinating Board (CCB), excluding funding for senior week and CCB-wide events, will be granted a lump-sum from UFB. UFB will re-evaluate prior to the end of the fall semester whether to extend the lump-sum model to future semesters or return CCB to UFB’s standard funding process. The objective of the pilot is to grant CCB more autonomy and flexibility over their funding, as a co-equal branch of student government. To ensure that the money is used effectively, the following policies were agreed upon by UFB and CCB leadership in the Spring of 2019.

UFB’s decision on whether or not to extend the pilot will depend largely on CCB’s ability to abide by these policies.

CCB Lump-Sum Policies

Event size
Each CCB board must plan at least one “large event” per year on campus. A “large event” is defined as one that anticipates at least 400 people to attend.

Off-campus vs. on-campus
Each CCB board may have no more than one off-campus event with bussing per semester. Each CCB class must have at least one on-campus event per semester.

Cost per person
Off-campus events are expected to cost between $10-$15 per person. The expected attendance used in that calculation must be derived from past attendance of similar events. On-campus events are not subject to a per person cap because different types of events vary dramatically in their per person costs.

CCB may not host “giveaway events,” defined as events where students come primarily to receive something and leave. Free food should not be the basis of an event. It is permissible for CCB to offer small giveaways to entice people to attend events (for instance, something offered to the first 50 people who arrive) or as prizes for competitions. However, such giveaways may not be offered to most attendees or be unreasonably expensive.

Class Board should prioritize recording the attendance of their events to the best of their ability.

CCB Lump-Sum Amounts

Lump-sum amounts are (per year): Freshman CCB: $3,000. Sophomore CCB: $6,000. Junior CCB: $11,000. Senior CCB (excluding senior week and CCB-wide events): $15,000. These totals were derived by averaging the expenditure of each board over the past three years.

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