Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a budget. Before attending a UFB supplemental meeting to present your budget, please read this page to make sure that you have taken all of the appropriate steps! Remember:

Note: If your request is under under $500, you do not have to attend a UFB meeting. Instead, simply email your UFB representative and make sure that they understand your request, as they will present the budget on your behalf! If you submit a budget under $500, but don’t inform your representative, UFB will not deliberate on the budget.

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Step 1: Go to your group's BearSync page (we are using UFB as an example) and then go to the treasury page on BearSync by clicking “More” and then “Treasury”

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Step 2: Click “Manage Budgets”

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Step 3: Click “New Budget”

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Step 4: Title the budget clearly and choose the “Budget Period” to be the semester in which you will spend the money. In other words, if it’s currently fall but you need money for an event in the spring, select “Spring 2020.”

Step 5: Create a clear “Item Title” and choose the appropriate “Category.” “Items” are areas that your budget can be broken down into. For this speaker panel example, each speaker would be a separate “Item.” Smaller budgets may only have one “Item” with several “Line items” (individual expenses). 

Step 6: Some item categories require you to answer questions specific to that item. “Fill out attached form” will only appear if it is required for that item category. If you see this button, click it and answer the questions. 

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Step 7: For each expense associated with this “item,” add a “Line item” with a category, clear and concise title, and the exact amount (do not round). Note: Brown is able to offer discounted rates for hotels, so always go through SAO when booking hotels for speakers. 

Step 8: Write a brief description of the line items including any details that UFB may want to know as we consider whether to fund each line item. 

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Step 9: Click “Add Budget Item” to create another item and repeat steps 5 - 9 as needed. 

Step 10: Add quotes for every line-item to a single document using the template available here. Then, go to the bottom of the page and click “Upload” and attach the document. Please make sure that you use the naming convention “MM-DD-YY - [GROUP NAME] - [BUDGET TITLE].” For honoraria (speaker fees), evidence of negotiation is required, so the attachment should show the original fee, the negotiation process and the final amount.

Reminder: We cannot fund anything without uploaded quotes.

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Step 11.png

Step 11: Click “Submit”! 

Congratuations on finishing your budget! Don't forget to read this page for supplemental budgets, and this page for annual budgets before coming into a UFB meeting!