What is baseline funding?

Every Category 2 student group automatically receives $200 per semester to use at their own discretion. Category 3 groups that submit annual budgets to UFB also automatically receive baseline. However, Category 3 groups that do not submit an annual budget must request baseline. Baseline is not subject to UFB's policies and may be used for items that UFB would not typically fund (i.e. food for general body meetings, etc).

When are UFB meetings?

UFB meets every Tuesday and Thursday in New Dorm A Room 116E at 8 pm. Please arrive by 8 pm. UFB budget requests will be presented in the order in which student groups arrive. Please check our Facebook page or our calendar to be notified of any changes to our meetings.

When should our group attend a UFB meeting?

Please reach out and meet with your representative before attending a UFB meeting. They are a resource and will be able to help answer any questions prior. For honorarium and transportation requests, student groups must present their request at least three (3) meetings before the event. Budget requests under $500 do not need to be presented at a UFB meeting. Instead, they may be emailed to their rep with UFB@brown.edu 'CCed in addition to their submission via BearSync, and the Board will consider and decide on the request via email.

We forgot to submit a budget. Can we get money after we have already paid?

Unfortunately, UFB is unable to retroactively fund groups. Please make sure to submit your budget proactively.

Can UFB fund events during commencement week, reading period, or finals?

UFB does not fund events that occur during Commencement Week, reading period, or finals. This is done for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it would be cost-prohibitive and the fact that the majority of the student body will not be present during this time.

What if we need capital investments and improvements?

UFB will fund capital investments and improvements if they are absolutely necessary. We will fund this on a case-by-case basis. Capital investments should be presented during Annual Budgeting, but requests may be considered during Supplemental Budgeting under time sensitive circumstances. Inventories are required for all capital investment/improvement requests. Additionally, please review the [Capital Improvements][3] section on the Student Activities Organization website for more information.

Will UFB fund budget requests during vacations?

UFB will not fund events, conferences, or competitions during spring break or summer vacation. However, UFB will consider funding conferences or competitions during winter break.

Can we request money for conferences?

UFB will fund up to 5 Brown students to attend a conference. The purpose of the conference should be educational, in the sense that the students who attend will bring back information to the campus from which the student group or the Brown community will benefit. This rule may be disregarded when it is imperative or important that more members be present at the conference for the event to happen, or that the extra members bring an added benefit (events where members have voting capabilities, or tournaments with minimum member requirements). For team travel/tournaments, UFB will usually fund at least one team or competitive unit and will hear arguments for more, weighing the cost and value.

Can groups co-sponsor events?

UFB requires one budget for all events being sponsored by multiple groups. Both groups should be represented at the meeting where the budget is presented.

Can we request money for event decorations?

Unfortunately, UFB does not fund decorations.

Can we request money for food?

UFB will fund food if it is integral to the event (i.e. a cultural event or a cooking demonstration). The Board will not fund food for an event if it used as an incentive. Additionally, UFB does not fund food for group meetings and/or general body meetings.

We are hosting a fundraiser. Can UFB fund our supplies?

UFB does not help fund fundraisers or for-profit events.

Will UFB help pay for our instructor fees?

UFB will fund reasonable fees for an instructor if the instructor’s presence is integral to the purpose and continued success of the group and benefits the Brown community as a whole. Evidence of negotiation must be presented with all requests for instructor fees.

What is an inventory?

UFB requires all groups requesting capital improvements or costumes to submit complete inventories of their capital with their budget requests. Please see our template. Requests will not be considered without a proper inventory uploaded to the “Files” section of BearSync and e-mailed to UFB@brown.edu

If UFB has already funded our budget, can we transfer that money towards something else?

UFB will approve line-item transfers if the money is being transferred to something that UFB would normally fund. All inter-group transfers must also come before UFB. Please email your rep with the attached line-item transfer form that can be found here

Can we get a loan from UFB?

UFB does not fund loans

Will you fund our media services fee?

Media services are available to all categorized student groups. UFB will not reimburse student groups that fail to reserve media services before the 10-business day deadline, as determined by CIS.

Our group has membership dues. Will UFB fund that?

UFB will not fund membership dues.

Can we use UFB funds for any purpose?

UFB will not fund an event or a request if it does not adhere to the student group’s mission. In addition, allocated money must be used in accordance with the request.

Can we request money for student salaries?

UFB does not fund student salaries


Still have questions? Please reach out to your representative or email us at ufb@brown.edu 

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