Where should you start?


Learn what falls within UFB’s policies

Understanding UFB's policies is the key to successfully requesting funding. Check out our policy page to explanations of each each policy we have as well as any recent policy changes that might affect your funding! 


[NEW] Financial aid fund!

Finances should never prevent students from fully experiencing Brown’s diverse and exciting campus life. To make sure that’s the case, you can now apply for funding using our new financial aid fund.


How to make a successful budget

The most important information of all - how does the budgeting process even work? Check out the Budgeting page for a checklist of items to do to successfully get funding for your club. Following these steps will maximize your chances of getting funding from UFB!


Other exciting things going on

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Interested in joining UFB?

UFB is a 12-person board of undergraduate students at Brown. Two positions are chosen by UCS, and the other ten are elected in a campus-wide election each March. To learn more, click the link below!

What exactly is UFB?

Many students don’t understand what UFB is or what its role is on campus. The short story is: it’s a branch of student government that manages money. The long story (which is way more interesting) can be found by clicking below!

Where does UFB’s money go?

UFB allocates about $2M each year to student groups, but where exactly does it go? Fortunately, UFB published a report that gives a breakdown of where the money comes from and how it’s distributed!



Tell us what you think! We are constantly working to improve our process and website. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please let us know. Email us at ufb@brown.edu or reach out to one of us directly.


Julian De Georgia, UFB Chair

Fatou Kabba, UFB Vice Chair