The Undergraduate Finance Board is composed of 12 elected students: the Chair, the Vice Chair, Student Activities Chair, UCS-UFB Liaison, and 8 at-large representatives. Each representative is responsible for supporting and representing approximately 20 student groups. Questions on budgets, policies, or anything related to UFB should be directed to your student group's assigned representative. 

Not sure who your representative is? Check out our current board members below to find out! If they don't respond to your emails, please reach out to Julian or Fatou! 

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Julian De Georgia - UFB Chair or

Hi everyone - my name is Julian! I am a senior studying Applied Mathematics - Economics and am originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I joined UFB my freshman year and have been working ever since to improve our transparency and make our funding process easier for student groups to navigate! I really care about improving UFB, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions for things that we can be doing better. Outside of classes and UFB, I spend my time playing jazz piano, volunteering as an SAT tutor, and taking part in the Brown Consulting Club.

The UFB Chair doesn’t directly represent any student groups, but feel free to reach out to me if you any trouble getting in touch with your representative!


Fatoumata Kabba - UFB Vice Chair

Hi, I’m Fatoumata! I’m a sophomore from New York City, and I’m thinking about concentrating in International Relations and Computer Science-Economics. In my free time, I love watching French rom-coms, cooking, and hanging out on rooftops. You can always find me (not studying) at the Sci-Li or on line for wings at Bajas!

GROUPS: Special Events Committee, Brown Lecture Board, Ivy Council, Brown Concert Agency, Freshman Class Coordinating Board, Sophomore Class Coordinating Board, Junior Class Coordinating Board, Senior Class Coordinating Board, Undergraduate Council of Students


Nimo Ismail

Hi, my name is Nimo Ismail! I am an Economics Concentrator from Columbus, Ohio. I will be a junior this year, Class of 2021! My involvement on campus includes the Bonner Community Fellowship, the Undergraduate Finance Board, and the Brown Debating Union. When I am not doing academics or extracurriculars, I am exploring Providence, hanging out with friends or enjoying food.



Phillip Champagne

Hi, my name is Phillip Champagne and I’m a junior from South Florida studying Political Science and Development studies. I was born and raised in South Florida with a family very active in the Haitian community down there. You can catch me on campus DJ-ing at 360 radio or studying and laughing in the ratty.


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Peter Deegan

Hi, my name is Peter Kopecky Deegan and I’m a junior from Iowa concentrating on myself. I’m enthusiastic about Ratty soft serve, Metcalf roof climbing, and ultimate frisbee. Catch me en route to a meeting I was supposed to be at five minutes ago.



Ved Narayan

Hi, my name is Ved Narayan and I am a junior studying Applied Math and Economics. I am from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I love engaging in meaningful conversations with my peers! When its not freezing outside, I love spending time outdoors and exploring Rhody. Catch me at the OMAC playing pick up basketball, or reading a book at my favorite places on campus (Econ + Philosophy buildings). 



Gianna DeVincenzo

Hi! My name is Gianna DeVincenzo, and I am a second year student from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Outside of UFB, I love to hang out with friends and try all the different food that Thayer Street has to offer! I am super excited to be working with so many diverse and fascinating student groups this semester, and cannot wait to meet the interesting people that each group has to offer. 


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Alex Song

Hi, I am a senior from Boston concentrating in Biology and Economics, and I am the Student Activities Chair for UCS, where I oversee club creation and re-categorization. I am heavily involved in Alzheimer’s research and the nonprofit/special needs community, and I enjoy food documentaries (“Ugly Delicious” on Netflix is great) and painting, and you can always catch me at the OMAC playing basketball.



Jeewon Shin

Hello! I'm Jeewon Shin, a junior concentrating in Applied math and Economics. I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Hong Kong and currently reside in Seoul. At Brown, I am involved with Buxton International House, Ivy Film Festival, Women in Business, and UFB! In my spare time, I love making a good cup of tea and watching art films. 



Alesandro Walker

Hi! My name is Alesandro Walker. I grew up in Brooklyn and currently live in NJ. I’m a senior concentrating in Political Science and Africana Studies. When I’m not busy being a UFB representative, I’m working as VP of the Black Student Union to benefit the black community at Brown and the Brown community at large. You can also find me watching Netflix in the Rock.


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Okezie Okoro

Hi! My name is Okezie Okoro; I am a second year student from Baltimore, MD, concentrating on Economics. On campus, as well as the UFB, I’m involved with Black in Business at Brown as well as Harambee House. When I’m not doing academic or extracurricular work, you can find me doing a lot of things, which include hanging out with friends, listening to music, watching sports, or anything else.



Akilesh Raman

Introduction coming soon!