Accessing Approved Funds

How to spend money approved by UFB

Once UFB gives you that wonderful green light on your event, you may be tempted to immediately go spend the money. However, that can get you in trouble. Here’s what you should do once you get a budget approved by UFB!

  1. Reach out to your SAO representative to make sure you’re aware of the relevant policies that will affect you. Every student group has an SAO representative! If you’re not sure who to reach out to, find the person responsible for you below!

  2. With SAO permission, you may spend UFB funds using one of the following methods:

    1. Credit card: You can go to the SAO office (Faunce 342) and use the SAO credit card to purchase anything approved by UFB online! This is the fastest and easiest way to use UFB funds. Some costs such as airfare and lodging MUST be purchased using the credit card, which is why it’s critical to speak with your SAO representative before spending any money.

    2. Reimbursement: For most, but not all items, you may spend the money out of pocket and fill out the reimbursement form here. A financial signatory of your group must fill out the form, and you may not fill it out for yourself. Expense reimbursement requests must be substantiated within two weeks from the date of purchase. Business expenses/receipts submitted for reimbursement that exceed 60 days from the date of purchase are reimbursed as taxable wages.

    3. Purchase order: A purchase order should be obtained in advance when requesting services or purchases from University departments or agencies (i.e. Brown Dining Services, Graphic Services, Metcalf Copy Center, Brown Bookstore, etc.) or from Brown First Vendors. A purchase order is the only way to purchase Brown First items (i.e. food and printing/copying over $500).

Who you should talk to within SAO


Isaac Albanese -

Advises: Media & Publication groups, Music & Dance groups, Theater & Art groups

Oversees: Liber Brunensis (Yearbook), UCS-SA Committee, student Administrative Assistants, Orientation planning & budget support, event registration support, Alumnae Hall & TF Green Hall, BearSync, website, and communication support


Ana Barraza -

Advises: Class Coordinating Boards, Brown Student Agencies

Oversees: Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, Campus Center Programmers, Leadership Awards, Senior Week, Evening Event Mananagers (EEM) supervision


Matt Branch -

Advises: A Cappella, Brown Debating Union, Comedy, Cultural & Ethnic Groups, Gender & Sexuality Groups, Ivy Film Festival, Mock Trial, Model UN, Religious Groups

Oversees: Orientation & Orientation Welcoming Committee, Implementation of the SAO Diversity & Inclusion Plan (DIAP) and DIAP Student Coordinators, Underground Thursdays programming series, Party Manager training


Joie Steele -

Advises: Student Government, Brown Student Radio and Brown Concert Agency

Oversees: Student Activities Office, Orientation, Spring Weekend

Rachael copy.preview.jpg

Rachael Wise -

Advises: Academic & Professional groups, Graduate/RUE & DUG groups, Political & Social Action groups, Recreational & Appreciation groups, Lecture Board

Oversees: Brown Outdoor Leadership Training (BOLT), leadership programs, graduate intern supervision


Megan Fox -

Advises: Local and Inter/National Greek Organizations and Program Houses

Oversees: Greek Council, Panhellenic Council, Program House Group