UFB allocates the student activities fund during Annual Budgeting and Supplemental Budgeting. UFB apportions the majority of this fund during Annual Budgeting, which occurs in the spring. The remaining portion of the fund is be distributed during Supplemental Budgeting. 

Note: Groups that do not provide necessary information (forget quotes, inventories), submit late budgets, or fail to meet with their representative may not receive funding.

UFB meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM in New Dorm A, 116E to discuss supplemental budgets (first come, first serve). Please arrive at 8 PM - student groups that arrive after 9 pm may be asked to come to a following meeting. 

New Dorm A is the building next to Jo's which has several rooms on the first floor.

Making a Budget

1. Create the budget. Plan the event out and record how much money you will need. List the cost of every single line item. Upload a screenshot BearSync budget request where UFB can verify the price of the item. Note: UFB only funds to the minimum, so please find the cheapest option available. Learn how to create a budget here.

2. Meet with your representative. Email your UFB representative to meet with them and show them your budget before you submit. All Category III and S groups are assigned a UFB representative, who is responsible for making sure that you feel comfortable with our process, that you understand our policies, and that your budgets are well-made. Remember: UFB Reps are here to support and advocate for your group! If you are unsure who your rep is, all representatives and their groups are listed on the website here.

3. Submit the budget request to BearSync. If your request is a capital improvement (anything that will be kept year over year), make sure an updated inventory is uploaded to the "Files" section of your group's BearSync page. Here is a standard inventory sheet (groups often adapt slightly to meet their needs). No capital improvements will be approved without this. 

4. Present to UFB at least 3 meetings before your event. UFB meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm in New Dorm A, room 116E. Please attend a meeting and explain briefly what your event is and what you are requesting. UFB will then look at your request and ask a few questions to make sure that we fully understand the budget. We will get back to you with an approval, denial, or deferral and comments explaining the decision by the end of the night. Note: if your request is under under $500, you do not have to attend a UFB meeting. Instead, simply email ufb@brown.edu and CC your rep saying you submitted a request - we will deliberate at our next meeting and get back to you then. 

5. Use the money! If the request is approved, go to the SAO office to collect your funds (email Diane Chouinard at Diane_Chouinard@brown.edu to check in first, then go into the office, which is on the second floor of Faunce during business hours). You can either make the purchases, keep the receipts, and get reimbursed, or use the SAO credit card to make purchases directly through SAO. 

6. Appeal (if necessary). If the request is not approved, you can reach out to your representative to ask questions about the decision and to determine whether an appeal would make sense. If so, make the recommended changes to your budget and come back into another UFB meeting to present again.

Still have questions? Every Category III student group is assigned a UFB Representative. Find out who to reach out to here